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Rob Terry Trio was initially formed to bring a new “Jazz” perspective to the “Classically” modelled compositions of pianist Rob Terry. Drawing on an extraordinary musical relationship between him, bassist Paul Jefferies and drummer Charlie Stratford, the trio explore wide ranging musical territory; modern 'Classical' composers such as Prokofiev, Stravinsky and Ravel, the harmonic and rhythmic language of contempory jazz and a breathtaking lyricism are combined to form a rich soundscape. 



“A sparkling and original interpretation of the piano trio, combining grace with a subtle edge, bringing together influences from Ramsey Lewis to Jarrett to Chopin, within a wrapper of deeply creative compositions,a delight.”

Ealing Jazz Festival 


“My imagination was led by the titles of the pieces; An Unexamined Life, Mr Gurdjieff, Life Goes On.......throughout, the players didn’t so much ‘solo’ as highlight individual talents – and they’re impressive.”

The Oxford Times 



“This is a mesmerising musical project. It had been billed as a fusion of jazz and classical music, but what I  wasn’t expecting was the incredible depth and breadth of the musical references and yet the originality of the compositions.”

The Vortex




“Terry plays unusual, angular lines...........the listener was  transported back

a century into the world of Russian futurism and the musical language of

Prokoviev – superb.” 

London Jazz Blog





“One heck of a powerful trio - that’s musically powerful I mean - no self indulgent meanderings here, just pure musical entertainment with lots of virtuoso attitude.” 

Burton Jazz Festival




“Simply astonishing.”

Chesterfield Jazz Club


The Law of 3

Seventh Heaven -
The Trickster -
Joy -

The Unexamined Life

Meditation In Gb Major -
Walking -
Romance -
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