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“This is a mesmerising musical project. It had been 

billed as a fusion of jazz and classical music, but what I 

wasn’t expecting was the incredible depth and breadth 

of the musical references and yet the originality of the 

compositions.” The Vortex



“My imagination was led by the titles of the pieces;

An Unexamined Life, Mr Gurdjieff, Life Goes On.......

throughout, the players didn’t so much ‘solo’ as

highlight individual talents – and they’re impressive.”

The Oxford Times 



“A sparkling and original interpretation of the piano

trio, combining grace with a subtle edge, bringing together influences from Ramsey Lewis to Jarrett to Chopin, within a wrapper of deeply creative compositions,a delight.” Ealing Jazz Festival 



“Terry plays unusual, angular lines...........the listener was  transported back a century into the world of Russian futurism and the musical language of

Prokoviev – superb.” London Jazz Blog





“One heck of a powerful trio - that’s musically

powerful I mean - no self indulgent meanderings

here, just pure musical entertainment with lots of virtuoso attitude.” Burton Jazz Festival





Rob is an excellent musician, both tasteful and versatile - a generous collaborator with the other trio members - stunning music from a truly excellent trio.” Swindon Jazz


“Simply astonishing.” Chesterfield Jazz Club

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